Break into consulting series

Structuring a Case Interview

Event one in the Breaking into Consulting Series will have BCG consultant, Curtis Urbanowicz and incoming McKinsey consultant, Philippe Cote, outline the importance of structuring a case interview. Attendees will be provided with key insights highlighting prompt synthesis, investigating various frameworks, analyzing exhibits and lastly how to close a case.

Quantitative Analysis

Event two in the Breaking into Consulting Series we will feature Emily Liu, Consultant at Deloitte and Lisa Qiu, incoming intern at Accenture to discuss the quantitative skills needed to have a successful interview. By using a case example, we will outline the fundamentals to effective mental math, exhibit reading and market sizing.

Mock Case Interview

Event three in the Breaking into Consulting Series we will complete a live mock case. This case will be as similar to a real consulting interview. Throughout the case, we will pause and explain certain thinking patterns and tips to reduce common roadblocks. Following the mock case, there will be a synthesis component to debrief the case with the presenters.