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Corporate Partners

Annual Events


corporate partner events

The Queen’s Consulting Association brings you to top-tier management consulting firms in Toronto. Take to the streets of Toronto for a day and visit consulting firms such as AT Kearney, Bain and Company, the Boston Consulting Group, or McKinsey. Learn during valuable networking and educational sessions led by professional consultants. Our corporate partner events offers a unique perspective into the firms that is difficult to replicate.

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Recruiting preparation

The Queen’s Consulting Association offers exclusive opportunities for Queen's students to develop their case skills. These offerings include case preparation sessions led by top students from the Engineering and Commerce faculties who have been successful with them in the past, they offer unprecedented learning for those interested in cases. As well, QCA offers industry panels, coffee chats, and a variety of other events to help students become consultants.

guides & resources

The Queen’s Consulting Association publishes guides that help guide students towards success in the consulting recruiting process. These guides range from case guides to firm guides to so much more. Offering invaluable advice from those who have gone through the process and are currently working in a management consulting firm, these guides inform and educate aspiring consultants.

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