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  • What is the membership program?


The QCA Membership Program is an opportunity for students across all faculties to learn more about the consulting industry, network with industry professionals, and get a head start on the recruiting process. Members of QCA will offer students support in developing the tangible skills to prepare for a career in consulting. 

  • How to join the membership program?


Regular QCA Membership status can be obtained through registering on the website. Applicants will complete a sign-up form to enroll in the membership program to access all resources and exclusive events. Please always feel free to reach out to QCA execs to learn more about the program.


  • How to join the QCA execs team?


Each year, a first-year representative will be hired during September. All other recruitments occur during March in the second semester. Each candidate will go through the application process with the written application available on the ComSoc Shop and an interview consisting of few behavioral questions and one market sizing question. Successful candidates will be selected for one of the role candidates has selected

2.Our offerings

  • What events does QCA offer?


QCA events mainly revolve around firm day visits and recruitment preparation. For each event, there will be sign-up sheets available prior to the event on our social media pages, make sure you sign up for our membership here to keep yourself on top of the game!

  • Do I have to be a member to participate in events?


Many of the QCA events are open to all students who are interested in consulting. However, the event and activity sign-ups that are not publicly posted on our social media are only exclusive to our membership program participants. If you are interested in those events, make sure you sign up for our membership program!

3.partner with us

  • If we are interested in a partnership, who should I contact?


QCA welcomes all firms to become our partners and involve in our events. To learn about our corporate relations, please advise our corporate package. For any potential partners, please feel free to contact our Director of Corporate Relations Ryanne Rosenberg ( to get in touch!

Have more questions? contact us!

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