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"Our mandate is three-fold, we are dedicated to raising awareness, developing talent and networks, and preparing our members for the challenges they will face in the future. "



The Queen’s Consulting Association promotes the consulting career path for students in every year of study within the Queen’s Smith School of Business and the Faculty of Engineering. Our mandates are to raise awareness of the consulting profession, continue the development of consulting education at the Queen’s Smith School of Business, and ensure the preparation of our students so they are the best candidates through every step of the industry’s challenging selection process.

  • Assuming the position of internal SSB consulting communication lead

  • Committing to acquire a larger pool of QCA members

  • Creating a network consulting associations within Queen’s and generating a single, unified message

  • Promote consulting opportunities across the Commerce Society

  • Creating easier ways for management consulting firms to recruit from Queen’s

  • Operating firm visit days with various consulting firms

  • Foster networking with recent consulting graduates

  • Fostering Queen’s talent by developing QCA members

  • Working closely with the Business Career Centre and Alumni

  • Hosting case interview preparation sessions

  • Hosting case interview competitions with current consultants for first and second year students

  • Creating a Queen’s Consulting Guide with tips, firm overviews, industry primers, and alumni introductions

  • Creating summer analyst guides and other preparation guides

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